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“Every time I was out on patrol it was like going to the movies. I knew there’d be a show playing, I just never knew what kind of a show it would be. It seemed as though there always was a big surprise hiding around the corner. During these times, I got to see the very best of my neighbors and, at other times, I witnessed the very worst!”

Who Is John Ford?

John Ford, Sr. dedicated 20 years of his life to the protection and preservation of our natural resources.

John began his career in September of 1970, serving the State of Maine as a District Game Warden assigned to the central Maine county of Waldo, in an area known as the Burnham, Unity district. Burnham was located in northern Waldo County.

Every district had its share of characters – here are two examples, Grover & Big Jim

The dictionary describes character as “the pattern of behavior or the personality found within an individual; his or her moral constitution.” Without fail, every town in my patrol area had its share of memorable characters. You know, those types of folks who for one strange reason or another, managed to stand out above the rest.

Many of the characters with whom I became so well acquainted with seemed to exhibit and an attitude of total defiance for most of the wildlife laws governing our society. A total and blatant disregard of the rules of the game, one might say.

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Abbott’s International Airport – Two flights in – one flight out!

My pal Dana was promoted to become a department pilot shortly after I began my career with the organization. Prior to his promotion Dana was a district warden. His patrol area bordered mine, so we had a few opportunities of working in the field together. Without any doubt, Dana was a wild cowboy. Every move he made was done hurriedly and in a complete hyped up rush including his driving and flying habits. He often bragged about how he could land in a real tight spot with the departments small piper cub aircraft.

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Wildlife Momma

How many folks do you suppose could lay claim to the fact that they had a live Great Horned Owl perched as a decoration within their Christmas tree? Those wildlife critters and my mothers tender-loving-care along, with knowing and respecting those dedicated wardens in Southern Maine during the early years of my youth, are what provided me with a host of memories that I shall never forget.

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What people have to say…

Suddenly, the Cider Didn’t Taste So Good: Adventures of a Game Warden in Maine

“This book will have you rolling your eyes…and laughing. And it’s all true! John Ford is a beloved and respected local icon who knows how to tell a rollicking, good tale. It was so brilliant of him to take notes of his exploits during his many years as a Maine Game Warden. Each short story is better than the last.

As a former Maine county dispatcher in the 80’s, I had the great pleasure of getting to know Game Warden John Ford. He knows people and respects them. And they respect him…(no matter how many times he may have placed them in custody.)
Enjoy this talented man’s storytelling, share it with your friends, then get his second book! (A third is in the works!)”

Kim Dunn

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