Flying Creatures Art Prints

These prints came from the original drawings incorporated in the Warden’s last production of the 2000 SPORTSMANS WILDLIFE CALENDAR.

These prints were created using a technique of colored pencil – highlighted in fine pen and ink. They are 11 x 14 inches in size – printed on heavy stock paper – each one personally signed and numbered by the artist John Ford Sr. These prints are ready to be mounted and framed as you wish. They would make an excellent gift for any sportsman’s den or camp, especially accompanied by one of the wardens books, also personally signed by John Ford Sr.

As a Game Warden John thoroughly enjoyed sketching the wildlife he was asked to protect. In producing the calendar, John tried to limit his illustrations to the various types of wildlife roaming in our back yards, or in and around our lakes and streams.

These prints were taken from the original art work used to create the calendar. As an artist, John said he found himself completely relaxed and lost in time, as he slowly and methodically created each drawing, while trying to provide as much detail as possible in order to recreate the animal in its natural environment.

These prints would make great collectibles and inexpensive gifts for any sporting or wildlife enthusiast on your gift list.